How to give (and receive) a smokin' hot erotic massage - or a tender one, or a healing one, or an enlightening one

With Dr Betty Martin, Katie Sarra and Kian de la Cour

on Sunday May 24th 2015, 10am - 6pm in Dawlish, Devon.

It's easy to find a video of snazzy strokes for interesting body parts. But if it's not what the receiver wants - it's not so hot. In fact, it's awful.

How to find out and follow what the receiver wants? That's this class. It's not quite as easy as strokes - but it's way more fun. For both of you.

It turns out that the most important part of the erotic massage is the communication. Who knew?

And the other side - when you are on the table, how do you know what you want, much less trust it and communicate it? We'll cover that, too. Wow - you can actually be touched the way you want? Yes, you can!

And don't worry, we'll even include a few snazzy strokes.

This class includes nudity and sexual touch. It is intended only for those who are already comfortable with nudity in a group setting. Please be honest with yourself about that.

Nothing is required. You may keep some of your clothes on for the entire time (including your time on the table), you may choose to be touched in whatever way you like - sexual or not. But some will be naked so you need to be comfortable with that. I teach other workshops that are clothed - check out

Limited to 16 persons - all genders welcome - female, male, transgendered persons, and any orientation.

Booking: Tickets are £85 per person. Book your tickets here!

About 'gender balancing':

Most people, when creating an erotic event, allow only equal numbers of male and female participants. I do not - for many reasons. We are learning here, not hooking up. You can learn these skills with persons of any genital configuration and any gender. Plus, not everyone fits neatly into the categories you might think they do. Quite often, setting aside gender in order to learn and explore is profoundly liberating. Many people have told me that was the biggest 'Aha'.

So - if you want to touch only people of a particular gender, your best bet is to bring one of them with you.

A note to single women - it's easy to feel like you are responsible to be available. You are not. I am a big mother bear when it comes to making sure everyone has what they need to learn and to feel safe. C'mon along. I'm going to show you how to be touched in the way you want.

The perfect prequel to this workshop is the one the day before: Learning to Touch: Receiving, giving, taking and allowing. It's clothed and clarifies the real differences between receiving and giving (which is not what you think).

Dr. Betty Martin is an erotic educator, partner surrogate, sacred intimate and sexological bodyworker, and has been helping people enjoy their skin and learn to communicate for 30 years. She loves her work!

She also trains other hands-on practitioners about boundaries, assessment protocols and how to empower their clients.

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