Quodoushka Level 1, September 24-27th 2015

With Batty Gold "ThunderBear" and Rose Funk "ThunderEagle"

The Quodoushka workshops are a transformative series of shamanic teachings, exercises and ceremonial experiences that allow you to utilize your sexuality as a tool for creating self-growth, healing, happiness and magic in life.

Quodoushka workshops are a unique opportunity to

  • Gain spiritual sexual knowledge and tools
  • Discover, explore, and strengthen your capacity for balanced, sensuous living
  • Move beyond old beliefs to discover new potential
  • Become more intimate, creative, spontaneous, and joyful with yourself and others

The QUODOUSHKA teachings are part of the knowledge of the ‘Sweet Medicine SunDance’ Tradition of the ‘Twisted Hairs Council of Elders’ as taught by the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society Shamanic Lodge for Ceremonial Medicine.

To become a sexually fulfilled human, a better lover and partner can be learned like anything else, as well as to be totally present in the moment and to engage with a clear intent from a healed inner state of self-love with life, others and spirit.

Spiritual Sexuality

Know and appreciate who you are as a sexual being and enjoy sharing yourself without any limitations with the person you chose.

Experience your ability to be absolutely honest and uncompromisingly true to your deepest soul essence and the inner peace resulting from this.

Learn to have a very satisfying, orgasmic sex-life, how to create relationship contracts that are co-empowering, to be for each other best friend, lover, partner, healer, a mirror of the highest reflection and how to enrich your world with sexual magic.

Understand the essential energy laws and the rules of engagement as an awakening human in your movement towards oneness within yourself, with another human, oneness with life and even ultimate freedom and enlightenment.

Transcend within your mind as well as in your sexual connection the limitation of the separated ego. Experience through ecstatic soul sex yourself and your partner as the transpersonal divine energies waiting to be actualized within you.

You know in your heart that you need to live your life in your highest potential.

You are more than ready to make an absolute gigantic leap into a much more pleasant, radiant presence in life now.

No matter if your challenge is lack of fulfillment in the sexual, the relationship, or the spiritual arena, we provide you with the knowledge, experience and with effective tools for change.

We know you will experience this Quodoushka Series as a most transforming event in your life.

Quodoushka Level 1 (Q1)

Quodoushka Level I (also known as the QI) is the doorway into a new understanding of your sexual energy. Teachings at this level guide you to awaken to your natural self, or to deepen the connection you’ve already established, supporting a healthy joyful expression of your sexuality.

Level I is a 3-day experience (typically Thursday evening to Sunday evening). By attending the QI (on your own, or with a partner) you can:

  • Transform your attitude and relationship to pleasure
  • Enjoy new ways of understanding your body, desire and energy
  • Release guilt, shame, or repression to better enjoy the power of now
  • Learn how to have a more satisfying emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual life
  • Improve your knowing of yourself, and through that your communication with yourself and with others
  • Learn the Fire Breath, Chakra Merging, 5 levels and 5 types of orgasm and much more
  • Increase your health and vibrancy though embracing and enhancing your sexual energy

At this first level of the Quodoushka series the focus is on gaining a reality based understanding of your own sexual energy. Learn from the shamanic wisdom of an ancient Matriarchal Medicine Society about the energy laws that govern all our experiences.

You will recognize the merging of female and male energies as the source of all creation and inspiration, essential for your happiness, health, self-growth, for raising the level of your energy, as gateway to connection and spirit. You will understand how sexuality can even become your natural blissful path towards enlightenment.

Illuminating teachings include how your inner elemental balance determines the level of your orgasms, how our genital body type influences our experience of pleasure.

Many energy sensitive exercises and alchemical ceremonies will enable you to encode these teachings as physical experiences.

You are welcome to attend as a single person or a couple. If you come as a single you will be paired up with another to do the partner excercises. Actual sexual contact is not required at this level, just the willingness to be absolutely present with your total being.

Your facilitators

Batty Gold “ThunderBear”     

A medicine practitioner in the ancient Turtle Island Twisted Hairs tradition and a teacher of Spiritual Sexuality, Ceremonial Alchemy and Shamanic Healing Techniques since 1985.  He enjoys sharing his love for the wonders of life and knowledge that works in seminars and Ceremonial Journeys worldwide



Rose Fink “ThunderEagle” 

A practitioner and authorized teacher of the Twisted Hair Sweet Medicine Sun-Dance knowledge and  teaches worldwide since 1985.  Her special love is Quodoushka, Healing, Dreaming, Medicine Journeys and ‘Woman Ways’ – a series of seminars focused on reclaiming the dormant powers and gifts of women.





The price of the course is £660 (course fee £340, plus food and accommodation  £320). This includes 3 nights accomodation and all meals at our delightful woodland retreat centre in the Exe Valley.

If you have attended Q1 before, the price is £600.

To book, please email your name, address, telephone number and any dietary requests to kian@pleasurelab.org and send the full amount or your non-refundable deposit of £200 to: 

Kian de la Cour, Account no 01074747, Sort code 08-92-80 - with your name as the reference.

Full payment is required before August 31st. 

You can pay with a credit card using PayPal (www.paypal.co.uk) to email address kian@pleasurelab.org if you add 3.4% to cover Paypal's charges. 

Or make cheques payable to Kian de la Cour and send with the above information to: The Sea School of Embodiment, Clyde House, 15 Plantation Terrace, Dawlish, Devon EX7 9DR.


Cancellation/refund policy.

Should you cancel your booking we will return all payments you have made, less a £200 deposit until 31st July, after which refunds will only be made if you can find another person to fill your place. 

We welcome your questions and are happy to talk with you about Q.

For more information contact:
Kian de la Cour 07952 469848 kian@deeplytouched.uk
Katie Sarra 07540 571745 katie@katiesarra.com

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Quodoushka II will follow in 2016.